Sunday, June 7, 2009

Muddy Buddy (updated)

Donna and I did Muddy Buddy today as "Team Chewy". It was a pretty fun running and mountain bike biathlon/obstacle course. First leg was just a grueling uphill for me on the bike and made for a miserable run on the second leg, but things picked up from there. Highlights were the cargo net climb up to the inflatable slide, the fast–but dangerous apparently, there was a guy on a stretcher–downhill on leg 3, and of course the mud pit at the end.

Didn't bring the camera but did get a photo of my bathtub during cleanup :). Hopefully they post results and more photos soon.

Update 6/11: Here's a photo from the event:

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  1. You are doing so much! I'd say you're quite the adventurer!! :) It's good to see you happy, keep living it up!