Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project 365: 13 Days In

Well a successful start to having a photo a day but a slightly disappointing time I think.

The major focus of the first 13 days is to try to get into the habit of taking photos every day. I tried really hard to not just go out for a "365 photoshoot" but to take photos throughout the day. 

As expected, work days are the toughest and I rely more on my phone for them. When I get home it's already too dark for any sort of outdoor photo. 

My biggest hope to get through the weekdays is to assign a weekly theme to focus on. My first weekly theme was "introductions" to sort of ease into the whole thing, So I took photos of myself, my camera, my cats, etc.


Day 1 - Self Portrait Day 2 - The Camera Day 5 - Tube Cat Day 6 - Cat Number Two

The theme for week 2 quickly became iPhone photos as I tried to play around with how to creatively take photos with the phone. It produced some interesting results, especially with KitCam and its selective focus and fake "tilt shift" lenses:

Day 7 - Commute Day - 8 I Have A Messy Desk Day 10 - Snow

My theme for week 3 will be "bokeh" since I received my lensbaby aperture pack 2. That should hopefully turn out pretty interesting. Possible plans for week 4 include something that can be done around the house (dark outdoors) maybe a day each of something I own or photos from the perspective of the cat.