Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Project 365: Reboot

So… Lets go this going again :)

I'm inspired to start anew at the beginning 2013, 3 years after the failure of my last 365 project. Life kind of swept me away and I allowed myself to get really busy. While I never stopped talking photos after the 365 failure, the difference was that I was learning something nearly every day and pushing myself to go to new places. 

Time seemingly slows down for those 3 months in 2009 and in a busy and chaotic world, I feel that's important.

If I'm going to start again, I must realize what I did wrong and what my challenges were that I can overcome them again. I will state them here.

Goal: By Jan 1st 2014 I should have 365 photos, one for every day of the year. For the days I went somewhere or did something unique the photos should reflect this. For the days –most days– where I go from home to work to home again, a new strategy will be necessary to avoid filler and burning myself out.

Here is my strategy:

1- Simplify. Don't overcomplicate things.
2- I have 2 cats now. Don't fill it up with cats. I fear this time around I will have a 365 photos of cats.
3- I will not lock myself down to thought-out, artsy, well-exposed, or otherwise great looking photos from an SLR. But I must also resist always going to the phone for a quick filler pic. 
4- Experiment. Be scientific about things. Shoot something 90 different ways and with different lenses. Learn and re-learn my equipment.
5- Try something new. Collect photos and ideas from other sources and keep notes.
6- Simplify. Don't take it too seriously. Fill it up with cats if I have to… ;)

Wish me luck.

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