Sunday, September 6, 2009

365 Photo Project...aka "project thirty-one"

1 (0906)Today I have started my 365 photo project. Many people seem to do these to document their year and use their camera more. I decided it was a good idea to learn my camera and force myself to get out there and take some photos. When I run out of ideas, hopefully I won't quit and it'll force me to be more creative.

The project starts today, on my thirty-first birthday and goes until my next birthday. I had a couple weeks to ponder this idea and I decided not to limit myself too much with rules. Since the idea is to try to become a better photographer, most of the exposures will be from my dSLR, but a point-and-shoot or cell phone will work in a pinch. When I'm done I hope to have a years worth of photos that kind of document my life.

They won't all be abstract like today's photo–which is from a set of photos I took at Kelley Park. I might photograph someone I met, a meal I really liked, things around my apartment, self portraits, etc.. I can also use it to test out photography techniques and such too. If I think of an idea or see a photo I would like to try to copy, I try to write it down.

There's a flickr set called "thirty-one" on my flickr photostream where I will upload them and the most recent photo will show up in the sidebar here. I will try to upload them once a day after I take them, but it might end up being every couple days.

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