Sunday, April 5, 2009

Joseph D Grant Park

IMG_1832Tried out Joseph D Grant county park early today. I traced a 11 mile track out on the GPS and somehow managed to complete it. It started out nice along a lake but then things made a turn for the worse. The first 4 miles of this trail was steep uphill and brutal. There was a couple times when I was all for turning back and going home. I did not feel good. I had finally decided that in a masochistic way I deserved this as punishment for being out of shape. The going was slow and I walked my bike up quite a bit of the first 4 miles and nibbled on a clif bar.

Things got a little better as I got on top of the ridge but still had to walk now and then. It was a beautiful day, but I will definitely avoid this place in the summer as there is little to no shade. There was only a handful of people out there away from the lake so it was also a pretty peaceful day.

Most of the trails were old roads although at the halfway point I took a little singletrack side tour to Antler Point where I took a rest and some photos. The ride back was much better and I was very glad I made it all the way up. The last 2 miles in the figure eight I did included an extremely steep downhill where I was able to get to 20-25 mph. Admittedly I was on the brakes way more than my guts allowed :).

Unfortunately my GPX file seems corrupt so I cannot upload the route. I'll see if I can work on that.

IMG_1818 IMG_1823 IMG_1831 IMG_1835

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